Things To Know About Type 1 Diabetes

  • Diabetes does not define who your child is

  • Have a meltdown on occasion, it’s okay

  • Surround yourself with positive people

  • Stay calm, treat the blood glucose number and move on

  • A1C is a useful guide but is not your report card

  • Find a caregiver you trust, you need time off

  • You will become proficient in the management of type 1 diabetes

  • You’re going to be okay

  • You’re child is going to be okay

  • Ask your doctor, if you’re using the smallest lancets

  • Ask your doctor, if you’re using the smallest needles

  • Ask your doctor about mini-dose glucagon to raise stubborn blood glucose levels

  • Trust your instincts, if your child feels low/high but your meter number is in range, test again. They may be rising or dropping quickly

  • Seizures have been reported due to rapid increase or decline in blood glucose levels

  • When sick, EVEN IF a BG is in range, they may still develop ketones

  • Ask questions and educate yourself on type 1 diabetes

  • Hot water temperatures of showers and hot tubs can adversely affect your child’s blood glucose levels

  • Manufacturers suggest insulin is best used within 28 days from removing vial / pen from the refridgerator

  • Emotional changes can affect your child’s blood glucose levels

  • Obtaining additional support for your child and family through diabetes camps, therapists and support groups can be very useful tools in managing type 1 diabetes


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