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Type 1 Diabetes Links

Organizations: When it comes to type 1 diabetes, knowledge is power. There is a blood test that can detect type 1 diabetes in its earliest stages, before there are any symptoms. Learn why it’s important to test for it early, and discover who may be at risk. Nearly 200 million people world-wide have diabetes. My husband, Mike, and I are among them. Mike was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2002, four years after we married and just 18 months after the birth of our first son. Last year, while pregnant with our third son, I was also diagnosed with type 1. Instead of letting diabetes depress us, Mike and I took charge of our health as best we could. And as we worked together and saw how well we managed as a team, we decided to create “A Sweet Life” and to reach out to others in the diabetic community. Founded in 2015, BT1is empowering people to both live well today and to fund a better tomorrow. Diabetes camping and Educational services. CaringBridge transforms your personal connections into a powerful community of support when it’s needed most. Start a free CaringBridge website to share health updates with family and friends who care and want to help. The online community for kids, families and adults with diabetes. The College Diabetes Network (CDN) was created out of a glaring need young adults have been experiencing for years, and we have become a hub of resources, support, and understanding for this underserved population. D-Mom Blog is a website about parenting children with type 1 diabetes. To prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Helping people affected by diabetes lead healthier, happier, and more productive lives through good diabetes management and wholesome fun. The Diabetes Education and Camping Association (DECA) provides leadership and education to better enable diabetes camps to fulfill this purpose. An online space where people can go to share, learn, and support each other. Founded in 1973, the American Association of Diabetes Educators is the leading association for diabetes educators. With more than 14,000 members, AADE advocates on behalf of diabetes educators and the patients they serve. We also work to ensure the professional growth of our members and promote widespread recognition of the benefits of diabetes education. Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to deliver exceptional diabetes education, management and support. The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation is the organization of choice for those who are serious, passionate and committed to curing diabetes. Our dedication to curing diabetes now is a testament to the belief that tomorrow is not soon enough to cure those living with diabetes. A mom from Texas and dad from New York have joined forces to create awareness about the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes in an effort to save the lives of children and adults being diagnosed at death. Insulin Nation® delivers comprehensive information about the technology and science of diabetes therapy, and curates the best, most relevant news for the 6.5 million people in the US who take insulin. Topics covered include diabetes-specific technology and medicine, the science behind a potential cure, wearable and wireless health tech, the rich data produced by meters, pumps, and CGMs, and the people and organizations that impact the everyday lives of our readers – the “Citizens” of Insulin Nation. Insulin Pumpers was founded on the belief that nobody should have to deal with their condition alone. Whether they don’t have the income to pay for expensive medical supplies, need advice on finding a qualified doctor, or simply need support and sympathy from others in the same boat, we are committed to helping people with diabetes overcome their challenges. JDRF is the only global organization with a strategic plan to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until it is no longer a threat to anyone. Joslin Diabetes Center undertakes diabetes research, clinical care, education and health and wellness programs on a global scale. We are dedicated to ensuring that people with diabetes live long, healthy lives, and we offer real progress in preventing and curing diabetes. Kayla created this blog after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in March 2009. This blog is not only my diabetic therapy, but a creation that has helped many others living with type 1 diabetes or those that support and love people with type 1 diabetes. Her mission is to give hope and help others through life’s ups and downs. National Diabetes Education Program is a federally-funded program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and includes over 200 partners at the federal, state and local levels, working together to improve the treatment and outcomes for people with diabetes, promote early diagnosis, and prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) supports a wide range of medical research through grants to universities and other medical research institutions across the country. The Institute also supports government scientists who conduct basic, translational and clinical research across a broad spectrum of research topics and serious, chronic diseases and conditions related to the institute’s mission. In addition, the NIDDK supports research training for students and scientists at various stages of their careers and a range of education and outreach programs to bring science-based information to patients and their families, health care professionals and the public. Provide youth and their families with positive support, programs and services to assist in living with Type 1 Diabetes, including: Educational classes/ Events, camps and peers groups/ Opportunities to be involved in research/ Community educational programs/ Support groups. Doing our part to help raise funds for a cure, and while we’re at it, we’re committed to helping kids and their parents beat type 1 diabetes through increased community awareness; an informed exchange of ideas and experiences; and sponsorship of initiatives to assist underprivileged kids and their families live better until there’s a cure. SAFESITTINGS is a nationwide website that makes available teens with Type 1 diabetes as babysitters for children with diabetes. These teens have been managing their own care for many years. They understand the dangerous highs ands lows inherent in the disease and have the skills to test blood sugars, give insulin injections, adjust insulin pumps and treat hypoglycemia. This site is dedicated to our son and raising awareness for Type 1 diabetes. Advocating for people with Type 1 diabetes around the world. Team Type 1 (TT1) Foundation was established with the mission to “instill hope and inspiration for people around the world affected by diabetes.” We believe that with appropriate diet, exercise, treatment and technology, anyone with diabetes can achieve their dreams. Founded in 2005 by Phil Southerland and Joe Eldridge, TT1 operated as a grassroots initiative to inspire those with diabetes to better manage their disease. Test One Drop is to bring awareness to the general public and the medical community of the similarities between the symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and common illnesses such as influenza, strep, and viral infections with the purpose of stopping delayed and misdiagnosed T1D which can lead to life-threatening DKA, permanent handicap, or death. Additionally, we are seeking a change in the Standard of Care Practices to require medical personnel to screen blood or urine samples for glucose levels at all well-care exams and before diagnosing sick patients with a common illness that might be masking or mimicking Type 1 Diabetes.  What parents should know about Type 1 Diabetes by Debbie George, founder of EASE T1D.


Organizations on Facebook Only:

CGM in the Cloud: Is a group for those to share their experiences with open source solutions to send data from the Dexcom G4 to the cloud so that it can be accessed anywhere…so our kids/friends/parents can be monitored while they are in another room, in another state, at a play date, sleepover, sports activity, or even at school. We are closer than ever to the prospect of a safer, more effective, less burdensome life with type 1 diabetes for millions of people and WE ARE NOT WAITING!

Jojo’s Hero-Adventures with a Diabetic Alert Dog: This page is all about following Joseph and his family’s journey in raising Levi, a diabetic alert dog. Here you will find the trials and triumphs of puppy training as well as the daily life of living with type 1 diabetes.

T1 Empowerment: Provides a safe place for teen girls living with type 1 diabetes. Led by Kayla Brown.

Team Schnak: Is composed of the Schnakenbergs who challenge themselves to long distance bike rides for great causes, and for fun!

EASE Type 1 Diabetes Awareness
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