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Sick Day Management Tips

  • Check for ketones during your child’s illness even if their blood glucose level is in range.

  • Consult you doctor, especially if moderate or large ketones are present.

  • Administer insulin as needed according to your child’s doctor’s orders to reduce possible ketones.

  • Check blood glucose levels more frequently.

  • Give plenty of fluids to lessen chances of dehydration and to help reduce the developing of ketones.

  • If ketones are negative but vomiting is present, the insulin dose may have to be reduced to help increase blood sugars.

  • Use caution when giving over-the-counter medications, as they may increase or decrease blood sugars.

  • Your doctor may prescribe a suppository such as Phenergan or Zofran, an oral medication to help reduce/stop vomiting.

  • Consult with you healthcare professional when giving Glucagon injections. Your child’s doctor may recommend you mix the Glucagon and give by syringe, a smaller dose to help with low blood sugars and vomiting. Typically the dosage is one unit for each year of age up to a total of 15 units.

Always consult your health care professional

Chart Provided by Kaiser Permanente

EASE Type 1 Diabetes Chart Kaiser Permanente
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